Dermacutical Line


Proceutic is the innovative dermaceutical line formulated to be safe and effective for both men and women. Proceutic is a jump towards a cosmetics that aim not only at effectiveness, but also at dermo-compatibility.The products are formulated with functional substances, excipients and advanced cosmetology delivery systems to offer results that go above those of traditional aesthetics.

The main features of the Proceutic line are:


Latest-generation functional subsatences combined with targeted action mechanisms represent maximum evolution in treatments targeted to aged and impure-seborrheic skin.


All products are frarence-free, preservative-free, mineral oil-free, colorant-free and silicone-free.


All the formulations are clinically tested and require rigorous application protocols and a certified training programme.

Proceutic line offers 2 systems: The Agebiotic System and The Purity System. Both systems are consists of professional treatments combined with targeted home cosmetic products and it have been designed to carry out the essential synergy of professional treatments with high-impact action combined with specific home restoration and maintenance programs.


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